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Polish Foundation for Management Research was established in 2010 while transforming International Foundation for Capital Market Development and Privatization in the Polish Republic – Privatization Center which operated as an independent educational organization since March 1990. During these years it supported system transformation in Poland and in Central and Eastern Europe, mainly through the preparation of specialists in finance, law, management and marketing for the emerging market economy.

The Foundation thanks to the passion and vision of its founders – prof. Henry Sterniczuka and no longer living dr. Lisa and Christopher Alexy, Dr.. Zbigniew Piotrowski – prepared the first training programs for all new domains and specializations.  It would have not been possible without invaluable help of outstanding Polish and foreign specialists and scholars, among them the charismatic, adored by students of finance - prof. Victor Marek Boruń. Among these programs  there have been the ones   for investment advisors and security analysts or course for candidates for members of supervisory boards.

The latter are successfully delivered   until now  by IBD Business School  – an organization established by the Foundation in 2006 to run specifically training activities. The first foundation not only trained managerial staff, but also undertook a number of initiatives for development of modern management and corporate governance. As a result  in the 2003 the Polish Institute of Directors was established. The Foundation was the initiator and one of the founding bodies. More…