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Polish Foundation for Managment Research creates opportunity for both information and best practices exchange and run research on  management realated issues of diverse direct applicability, esspcially in the domain of organization psychology. Therefore, the Foundation publishes the papers in scholarly and more popular journals. Dominanting body of the research is focused on leadership, effectiveness, innovativeness, quality of management and business ethics.

The Foundation carries out its projects both in cooperation with Polish partners, and foreign (m.in. Center for Creative Leadership z USA, International Institute of Business of Ukraine or global organizations: Noble Manhattan Coaching i International Institute of Coaching & Mentoring).

The Foundation also conducts educational activities, aimed at improving the quality of management, and co-financed from EU funds. Learning institution of the Polish Foundation for Research on the Management Development Institute of Business, entered in the register of non-public schools and institutions run by the City of Warsaw (Certificate No. 12, issued by the Office of Education, Office of m.st. Warsaw).